What is the TotalBond way?

Throughout every stage of your pet’s life, we will provide the absolute highest level of care and compassion. Our TotalBond family understands that the strongest relationships, with both pets and people, are built on trust. We are passionate about creating and growing great relationships with every pet and “petparent” we serve.

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dog and cat together Pioneers of the Human Animal Bond The story of TotalBond began over thirty years ago with a simple idea: the bond that you share with your pet is beautiful, profound, and worthy of protection. It is the idea that we dedicate our professional lives to. We understand the bond you share. It underpins the day-to-day activities of our team. We are constantly training to get better because we understand the stakes; your pet means the world to you. DNA Innovation is the means We believe everything can be improved. This spirit has been with us since our beginning; the Founders of TotalBond are some of the most well-respected thought leaders in the industry. Your pet will have access to technology that is truly at the cutting edge. This affects your pet broadly – more efficient and effective diagnosis, treatment, and pain management. Because they are oh so worth it.


Inspired by YOU

We are committed to giving you and your pet a world class experience. There are a few ways we do that.





Winner of the Practice of Excellence Award

by Veterinary Economics Magazine

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    We can provide for almost any veterinary need that your dog or cat may have. Our team is highly trained, and our tools are state-of-the-art.

    Medical & Advanced services
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    Dr. Epstein is an industry pioneer in pain management. Your pet is in phenomenal hands.

    Pain Management
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    Members of our club enjoy comprehensive preventative coverage for their pet for a simple and reasonable monthly payment.

    Total Wellcare Club
  • laser-therapy

    Laser Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that is used to treat inflammation, speed the healing process, and reduce pain. It is applicable to a wide range of conditions and injuries.

    Laser Therapy
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    Acupuncture works to stimulate the body’s natural healing mechanisms. It is especially useful for musculoskeletal problems, respiratory problems, gastrointestinal problems, and some skin conditions. It is usually most effective when combined with traditional western medicine.

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    We believe in the highest standards of safety available in the veterinary world. If your dog or cat requires surgery, we will take the utmost precaution in their well-being and safety, whether it’s something simple and routine or intensive and complex.