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Exotic Pet Care

Our staff at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook are experienced with providing wellness, sick, and emergency care to exotic pets including small pocket pets, rodents, and reptiles. Treating exotic pets requires obtaining training beyond veterinary school, and not every veterinarian can treat exotic pets. Exotic animals have different health needs and each species may be prone to different kinds of diseases, which requires different treatments. We at TotalBond Veterinary Hospital at Forestbrook are here to help you care for your exotic animal.

Preventative & Diagnostic Care for Exotic Pets

Just like cats and dogs, it’s important for exotic pets to also have regular wellness exams. We recommend annual wellness visits so that our team has the opportunity to complete a physical exam, while also discussing diet and behavior based on your pet’s health status and age. These annual visits are imperative in detecting any potential issues that would enable us to identify a diagnosis and proceed with a treatment plan.

In many cases, signs of illness or disease aren’t always noticeable in exotic pets. Our team is highly experienced and trained to identify subtle or underlying symptoms that would indicate a cause for health concern. When bringing a sick pet in, our team will assess your pet’s health with a wellness exam first, followed by diagnostic testing, which can include blood work, samples, and even diagnostic imaging to make an accurate diagnosis. Our goal is to make treatment most effective for your exotic pet to get back to feeling their best as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions about our exotic animal services and care, please give us a call.

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Our animal hospital is located just 26 minutes from downtown Charlotte via I-85 N. We are by Gaston Country Club, easily accessible to the pets of Gaston County and the surrounding areas.

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